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What kind of chick is a bluish-greenish-yellow? I just got my order and one is smaller and kind of an off color from the others. Also one of the ones supposed to be a Rhode Island Red has very obvious black stripes down it's back. Do they have those sometimes? None of the others do, or the previous ones either. I'll post pics later. They are drinking and eating right now.

Next to what is supposed to be a BO! Really see the difference. One on left is the one I'm asking about.

Another view of them.

The striped one by itself.

Clearest of face next to a solid red RIR. One in question on left.

Clearly not the same. I even ordered all females of the RIRs, so I don't know.

Any help would be appreciated. They are cute regardless of what they are. Just don't seem to be what I ordered.
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Post photos so we can see! Also, my Easter Egger pullets are the weird color you described...but I don't know if that is what you have.
I recently bought a bunch of chicks at the local farm store and I got what I thought where RIR they are the ones that are red with the stripes. then I got some that where slightly lighter in red color with either no stripes or very faint. Then I got a couple like the yellow and grey like you have in the first picture. I think the one to the right is a buff. I would love to know what the yellow and grey are myself. I got them just to find out when they grow up
I tried looking for pics of the grayish one. I remember seeing somewhere a description for chicks like that, and now I can't find it. The one on the right is a BO. I got 18 of those on top of the 18 I already had. I just don't have any others that are striped like the one. Very strange!! I bought 13 of the RIRs, and 13 last time. Lost 3 of the last ones though, so have 23 of the RIRs counting the striped one!
It's not really blue when I look at ti now. It's more of a light creamy yellow with gray shading. Could it be a White Rock? I hope so. I was looking at getting some of those!!
I have never had white rocks. If there is some gray, I am thinking it might be some type of blue chickie. Here is a link to feathersite. You can look through all the breeds and maybe will find your chick. Or chances are someone will come on and say, "Oh that's a .......... mine looked just like that.

White chickens are usually yellow as itty bitties.

I wonder if it's a splash andalusian. That chick is smallish, and its feathers look like they're coming in white. With the leg color, the slightly grayish tint to the feathers, and the size of the baby, I'm guessing andalusian, splash colored.

*Edited to add* What hatchery did you get them from? If it's from McMurray, that could be your free rare and exotic...
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