What breed is this poult?


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Apr 14, 2012
New York
I bought 7 poults from a breeder who had a mixed pen of, spanish black, narragansett, royal palm, and bourbon red. 5 of them look like the one in the right of the picture. 2 look like the one on the left. I think the one on the right is full spanish black , but I have NO clue what the one on the left is! Since this photo, they have grown in dark brown feathers that are black at the base.

Any Ideas?

The one on the right, looking at the camera, is definite Spanish Black, which I believe is a dominant color. It may not be pure Black, but will show most of that.
The one on the bottom, with its back to us, is a cross and may not look anything like its parent. I have had a few like this, and mine came out looking like a Bronze, with a reddish tint. Think you will see the red tint in this one, which means one of the parents was Bourbon Red.

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