What breed is this pretty hen?


8 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Alberta Canada
I got this hen as a day old mix chick. She looks a lot like my black copper marans but with no copper and a darker eye colour. For some resin she lays eggs the size of a silkie... I really like her for a mix breed bird with her pretty beetle green/blue colouring but with the size of her eggs I think I'm going to re home her. Any ideas what breeds she could be?



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I have three black orpingtons, this one here is Frodo the rooster, behind him is one of the pullets, they are just shy of 5 months old and they are very large chickens. Right now they are still a bit bigger than a full sized speckled sussex or a rhode island red. So maybe this will help you determine what your chicken is mixed with.
Yeah being she has only been laying for 3 months but I have hens that are close to a year and a couple going on two years old now. They lay different sized eggs all the time, it might stay around the same size but every once in a while I get one smaller than usual. However they are much larger than when they first started laying.

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