What Breed is This Rooster? I Want to Hatch More Sex Links!


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014

The rooster on the far right of the picture.

Here's a better close up of him.

Here's the hen he mated with and her chicks. The black one is female, the rest all looked like males. The one white one we kept IS a rooster.

And finally, a closer view of a young rooster.

The adult hen looks like a black sex link. She is black with iridescent green-black feathers all over her body. She also has the gold feathers on the front of her neck/chest.

The adult rooster is white with blown feathers across his wings and mixed in on his neck.

I'm pretty sure that the mother is a White Leghorn. I just want to know if anybody can tell what breed the rooster is so I can try to hatch some more sex linked chickens.

*NOTE: These pictures were taken last summer, and I can not get better pictures of the brown rooster. He was killed because he got extremely aggressive towards people. I can, however get pictures of his two adult chicks.
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