What breed is this?


7 Years
Apr 14, 2016
Berkshire, UK
We were on holiday in Majorca, when this very friendly chicken came running over to us. Seemed tame yet was wandering around a marina and, like many of the chickens there, doesn't seem to be kept in an enclosure. If you held your hand out, she came over to inspect. Really very friendly chicken! Wish some of mine were as friendly.
She looks to e a game pullet. Still young.

Agreed. Games are a class of chickens. Same as say Asiatic, American, Mediterranean, etc. With in the game class they are broken down even farther. Such as Old English, American, Modern, etc. Shamos, Malays, and Asils are also in the game class.
Thank you. That's helpful. For a young bird, she was very friendly and not timid in the least. She was in the bushes and I called out to her and she came over. The reason for asking about her breed - apart from curiosity, is that I wondered if there are some breeds that are more naturally friendly. Whatever - we'd have loved to take her home.... but for many reasons (like she might actually belong to someone and also customs might not have been keen!") - we couldn't.
Its likely that even being a "wild or feral" chicken she very used to people. And so if she has never been harassed by people she has no natural fear of people. Also she could have been fed. Kinda like if you feed wild birds in your yard they get used to you being around and don't consider you a threat.

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