What breed is this?


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My friend gave me a chick 2 days ago. It was the same age as a silkie chick she also gave me (around 3 weeks I think) but this one is bigger, and not a silkie (or at least not a pure breed). Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Just a guess from someone who doesn't have a lot of experience, but I think it might, with that spiky little tuft on its' head, be a Polish mix.
I'm guessing one of the parents carried non silkie gene, and that she's a silkie mix. I have one that looks just like her, still not sure what she's mixed with.
i had one of these it a silky mix , the silky gene did not cross over from the parent and it got the feather gene , how may toes does it have if it has four it is probably polish X the 5th toes is a dominate trait that it would get from the silky parent
Just counted and the chick has 5 toes. It stand much more upright than my silkie with it's chest in the air. This isn't a good picture, but it kind of shows how it stands. I also know it is very very early but...any clue if it's a hen or roo?

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then it is a silky cross, and since it does not have a comb i have no clue lol , if it is a hen she will be vary broody the silky cross hens always are ....... or at least mine always have been lol
no problem , silkys are one of my favorites, out of all the breeds i have raised i always keep a few silkys running around

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