what breed is this?


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sorry, but I don't know....is that white feathering on the sides? My computer doesn't show the comb very clearly either but...can you tell if it is a pea comb from some of the info here on the forum? slate-colored legs, pea comb and unknown background may be an Easter Egger, which would then mean that the rooster probably has the blue-egg gene. You are sure it is a rooster, right?

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thank you, do easter eggers only lay blue eggs? becuase when it hatched it the eggs werent blue. :)


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Good point, I didn't know you hatched it....Easter eggers can lay any color -- white, brown, blue or green.

EEs are actually not a breed, but a mix that has the blue-egg gene.

Most EEs have puffy cheeks, a muff or beard, and I see that yours doesn't have those...... so I could be wrong... but if you were to get fertile eggs from your rooster and a hen that has a blue-egg gene then the likelihood of blue or green eggs would go up. It's my guess anyway.
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I'm no comb expert by any means, but could that be a rose comb? I think my wyandotte's comb looked kind of like that at that age. Could be a wyandotte mix? The black feathers with the green sheen are like an Australorp.

Also, if it is an EE, it could be that the father was an EE, and the mother a brown egg layer. I had a mutt like that. She hatched from a brown egg, but laid green eggs.


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That is a Rose Comb. He's a mixed breed. May be some Wyandotte in him. I don't see anything about him that indicates any EE parents.

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