What breed is this?


8 Years
Sep 28, 2011
This little brown chick was rescued from the mouth of a cat, and a neighbour has given it to me as I have a few chickens, however I know nothing about this little one, if anyone could have a guess a the breed for me I would be greatfulp
on the reply box at the tool bar there is a picture box (looks like a tree and sun) beside a flim strip looking thing. hit it and do as it says. good luck
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Yes it is the one in my avatar, I thought maybe a buff Orpington but wasn't sure, it's next to my white leghorn chick only 8 weeks . How old do u think this little one is?
4ish weeks and it's not a buff orp, they're quite even colored all over, this chick just looks like a mixed breed.
Do u think it's a girl, or too young to tell? I hope it's a girl as the white leghorn seems to be a boy so he is gonna have to go.

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