What breed of chick is this? About 2 weeks old. Any guesses?


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Apr 8, 2014
I could be mistaken, but they look very similar to my Jersey Giants. Especially the one in the center. I have attached one of my most recent photos.

The Jersey Giant is in the center by the waterer:

My Jersey Giants are supposed to grow up to be white birds. They have that dark gray almost black, light gray, and hints of yellow everywhere. I do not have much experience with chicks, and don't know how great they differ, but your unidentified chicks here look very close to my Jersey Giants. Hope I am of some help. Hope that someone else can help to confirm or offer up alternative suggestions. At last resort you will know for sure once they get older.
Wow ok I never expected that !! Yes those chicks look a lot alike! We ordered a special rare breed mix from Murry mcmurray hatchery. It's been fun trying to figure out what we have!! I guess time will tell!! Thank you for your guess!
That's awesome! What other breeds have you identified, so far? Are they all sexed, or was it a straight run? Mine are all hens. I wanted to see how I did with them first before tackling anything else. Plus, I haven't asked my neighbors about their thoughts on keeping a rooster. with where I live only 2 maybe 3 houses would be able to hear a rooster if I got one. I am thinking that I could get a good rooster later on for cheap or free near my area. That would allow me to observe his behavior, too. LOL Sorry, went off on a little tangent there. With that assortment you got, I imagine you are going to have a colorful and diverse flock.
We got a straight run assortment of 15 and they threw in 1 extra rare breed chick we ended up having 1 die the night we got them but all the others are Healthy and happy! This is our first time raising chickens and it seems we went all out we ordered the chicks (having no clue what we were doing!!) we turned our old barn into a chicken coop and a friend gave us 2 road Island red hens (that are laying right now) all in A WEEK!! We actually live WAY out in the country so if we ended up with a few roosters it wouldn't be a problem but from everything I read about roosters I'm not sure we want more than 1 or 2 . It looks like we have identified 3 chicks they are either molted houdan? Or molted Cochins ? Lol but really we have NO idea ... I do know that these chicks are the most spoiled birds ever!! And we just added 3 ducklings from the local cal ranch that were in a unidentified bin?? Lol
That's awesome cmolson, sounds like everything is going well with your set-up, and sounds like y'all are having fun with it. I bet it's gonna be cool to see what they grow up in to. I can't wait to see what my easter eggers are gonna look like. 3 of them sorta look wheaten right now. But, who knows.

Blemay, I haven't an idea what breed of chicken that is. Hopefully someone else can help you there. She looks well fed though. Nice looking bird.

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