What breed of chick is this?


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Apr 14, 2013
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I purchased this chick which was in a tub of RIRs at the local farm store. This is my first batch of chicks, I thought I had purchased two RIRs and two Barred Rocks, but this is obviously not a RIR. She was a pretty yellow color, now the wing feathers are growing in white and brown. Her legs are the same color as her beak. Looks like she will be pretty when shes grown up! Thanks for your help~

Little too young to tell and welcome to BYC
We have one that looked just like that and she is a Salmon Faverolle. Does she have 5 toes? That's a unique feature of the faverolles. Ours is now white with brown splashes. Good luck!
Nope, my chick does not have five toes, but she does look exactly like your chick, chickachoo! Does that breed also come in a four toe variety?
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It can...but here is the main question...Salmon Faverolles have feathered feet...does your chick have feathers on it's legs?
If not then it isn't a faverolle

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