What breed of chicken should I go with?

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    Dec 13, 2014
    I live in Montana and am wanting to have backyard chickens to give my family healthier eggs. What breed should I go with? I would prefer them to be nice, and does okay in the winter.
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    The main thing to consider with cold winters are the types of combs that chicken breeds have. Since it gets very cold in Montana in the winter, you probably do not want a breed of chicken with large combs because the combs may get frostbite.

    Here are some chicken breeds to consider. I suggest getting a variety of breeds and then you can determine which breeds you like best.

    Chantecler -- This is a breed that was bred in Canada for cold winters. They are good winter layers.

    Wyondotte -- This is a good dual-purpose breed that comes in a variety of colors that does well in cold weather.

    Dominique -- This is an old breed that has a rose comb and is hardy.

    Buckeye -- This breed has a pea comb and does well in cold weather.

    Easter Egger -- These are often sold as Ameraucana chickens, but few meet the breed standards. Easter Eggers have a pea comb and are cold hardy, and they usually lay blue and green eggs.

    Some single-comb breeds like Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, Delaware, Australorp, and Orpington may also work for you if you protect your chickens on very cold days.
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