What breed of chickens?


7 Years
Sep 4, 2014
These are my first chickens and my husband brought them home from a farm with little information about them. Two are all brown, two have a brown head and neck with a black body, two are all black with feathered legs (their beaks are wider too and they sound more like geese than the others), and one is white with feathered feet. I know they're not the best photos but they don't stay still! Some are missing their tail feathers because I guess they were in too small of a run together at the farm.

top photo: back looks like an easter egger to me.
in front of that looks like a brown leghorn.

not sure about the others. the other two brown ones might be easter eggers too, but it is hard to be sure.
To me, they all look like mixed breeds. The all-brown ones may be Easter Eggers. The black ones with feathered feet may be a Cochin mixes.
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The first one looks like an easter egger hen.
the white one looks like a white ameraucana roo, but the yellow beak throw me off because its supposed to be black.

Other than that, I think there is possibly 1 more roo and a few hens.
The dark grey-brown one with the light red neck and head looks like a Brown Leghorn or a Brown Leghorn cross. What color are her legs? Definitely a pullet

The yellow one with the black head and back end looks just like some Buff Orpington/Barred Rock crosses I used to have (and loved!). Definitely a pullet.

The little yellow one looks like a Buff Orpington cross. Definitely a pullet.

The big light red one with the black tail looks like a Buff Orpington/Rhode Island Red/Easter Egger mix. Definitely a rooster.

The two black ones look like Cochin/Easter Egger/Australorp mixes. Both pullets.

The white one is an Easter Egger rooster.

Any that have feathered legs are most likely part Cochin.

The little girl in pink is adorable! :)
Definitely roosters?! They're all supposed to be hens! I wouldn't be surprised if they're all mixes because they're not from a breeder, just someone with a lot of chickens on a farm. But she said they were all hens. Hmm... well I guess we'll find out!


I'm thinking this bird and the white bird may be males. The rest look like pullets. They're all mixed breed birds, some may lay you blue or green eggs for a pretty basket.

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