What breed of chicks are these?

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    Aug 20, 2016
    Earlier this week, my sister, my dad, and I went to the local store and bought ourselves 5 chicks. When we went to pick them out, a bunch of different breeds were all in one big enclosure, so we had no idea what breeds we were picking out. We have successfully identified two of the five, but still remain clueless on what the others are. Keep in mind we've had them for a day and we don't know if they're all females or not (although I have read it's hard to tell at this age) so we're just assuming they're all girls. We've also never had chicks before, but we got a lot of tips from the people at the store and have all the recourses we need.

    Chick #1

    This is my sister's chick. Sorry I didn't get any really good pictures. She is somewhat light brown with a couple darker stripes going down her back, and her wings are starting to go white. My dad thought she was a Rhode Island Red, but I disagreed, since those are brown and her wings are going white.

    Chick #2

    This is Dawn, who also belongs to my sister. We believe she is the same breed as Blossom, but she is a lighter brown. Other than that, they both look the same (I honestly get them mixed up a lot).

    Chick #3

    This is my chick, Raven. She is mostly black, but her face (as you can see) is lined with brown and has stripes going across her face. Additionally, she also has a white/gray belly. We still have no clue what she is.

    Thank you for reading and I also thank you for your help!
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    [​IMG] Click on 'The Learning Center' at the top of the page for basic knowledge and advice. Chicks can be tough to ID since so many breeds look alike as chicks. I will guess that the first two are red sex links of some sort, and the third chick is a gold laced Wyandotte.
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    Best to wait and post photos at 6-8 weeks.
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    I agree.
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    Raven is a gold laced Wyandotte.

    The little red chicklets---probably a red sex link. You'll be able to tell for sure when they feather out.

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