What breed of duck will go broody the most?


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Jun 28, 2010
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Tonya here, normally over on Quail forum. Have had Runners and Campbells. Wanting to help an old friend who wants to stock his well protected farm pond and pasture with ducks that will have a tendancy to go broody and hatch their own. He has got a nice place (used to be my farm
) The pond is close to fantastic shelter (at the pond) then an open style barn the ducks can also to into as well as much flood irrigated pasture which is extremely well fenced and watched over.

What eggs should I be looking to obtain and hatch out for him? He does not care for the Pekins, and I know already that Runners, well ...run.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Totally agree, one of mine had three broods last year, over 50 ducklings. With the best brood of 21 ducklings. Fantastic mothers too, they'll protect the ducklings from rats, which hens tend not to. You do have to watch out for the other adult ducks accidentally trampling the ducklings.
Muscovies all the way! Mallards Muscovies, and Calls go broody the most, but they muscovy tastes like steak cuzz they have red meat and thye hatch the bigggest and most eggs.
Muscovies ! They beat DH up when he goes to collect the eggs. I had to laugh because all you have to do is shew them off the nest with a long stick. They get so mad at me for stealing their eggs, but they sell well at the Farmers Market and I can't house any more than I already have. In fact, I have to get rid of a pair because I have 18 more chickies coming this week.
Totally agree on the muscovies. Ive never had any personal experiences, but i have heard but countless, and when i say countless i mean countless, others that have good reports of muscovie brooders and GREAT mothers. I have 4 and hoping they will lay soon, i would love to hatch some ducklings out too! Muscovies also come in like a Trillion different colors, and patterns so you can get really awesome ducks out of them!
I have 4 mscovies and I can't wait for them to start laying and going broody....I have heard such good things about them.
Tonya, Muscovies take 35 days. If I were you I would order some Muscovies from Country hatchery. You'll get them quicker than hatching and they are just too cute for words. I got 6 and wish it had been ten. When you get them for your friend you will wish you got some for you. I think their site is www.countryhatchery.net
I would say muscovies. I have a bunch of them and 5 of them are broody and the others have the broody look in their eyes, so I am preparing dog kennels for them to go in. Because I have so many, I like and hate this time of year. It's a lot of work when they all hatch.

Last year's pic. Can you imagine about 8 groups of these babies?

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