What breed of fightingcock is this?


Jul 13, 2022


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Is it a malay or game bird @MysteryChicken
Some sort of Asil X some other Game cross at the top.

Middle looks like an Old English Standard Game.

Last looks like it has American, or possibly JungleFowl influence.

These are my best guesses based on traits.
OP, what country are you from? :) Identifying strains of gamefowl is very difficult from pictures alone and I don't think there's anyone on this forum who is knowledgeable enough on the matter. :) You may want to consult people from your area or whoever you bought your birds from! These are most likely not any of the breeds and strains being previously mentioned.
These birds aren't remotely close to Red Junglefowl. Only the first has slate legs and has the wrong comb type, wrong body type, and is much larger (Red Junglefowl are tiny birds, cocks are only 3.25 pounds. The last bird isn't even wildtype. These are gamefowl (domestic chickens). The question is, where is the OP from because the breeds are highly variable by country. They may just be some local, unnamed fowl.
Looks like a red jungle fowl to me, or some red jungle fowl genes but the comb doesn’t look quite right for the first two. Beautiful bird though.
Whats so funny? :idunno Im no expert, thats just my guess. It could literally be a silkie for all i know. Im not some jungle fowl expert.

Im really not getting the humor, though it doesn’t matter anyway, im just curious what the humor in that is.

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