What breed of geese are these?

Iain Utah

11 Years
Dec 17, 2011
Any idea what breed my geese are??



Sorry if the pics are not great.....

Lets see a better photo of the head.

They look suspiciously like Steinbacher to me, but I don't know how anyone could possible have Steinbacher and not know what they've got.
Hmm... I really can see the resemblance to the steinbacher. I had originally thought toulouse, but holderread said it was unlikely as these guys are lighter weight and can fly. I sent them pics, and am waiting to hear back what they think.

As for my not knowing, I acquired the geese with my horse property. The story is the geese were originally owned by previous homeowner, who passed away 2 years ago. He had a small breeding operation of all sorts of barnyard animals (specializing in mini driving horses). I was told that he had quite a large flock at one time. A lady down the street who helped the guy out before he passed continued to daily feed the geese in the winter, but the numbers dropped to three as of this past summer when I moved here. I lost one on Christmas day
so I just have the two now. I want to build the flock back up, but thought it would be good to get the same breed, unless they are mutts....

I'm off to take better face pics and will post in a little bit.

I'm no expert, but they kinda look like greater white fronted geese, but that's a wild breed with stripes/splotches across their breast. Perhaps they're graylag geese, which is an ancestor to many domestic breeds. I believe graylag geese can fly, too.
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Ok, much better pics! Sorry, for the 1st ones. I'm still getting the hang of my new camera and new subjects.

Goose #1:


Goose #2:


Oh, and in case they are mutts (mutts are cool too), then I would try to get whatever best equivalent type for them.
They greatly resemble my African, Pomeranian crosses. Except my females have orange bills and my males have black. They don't have a splotched color.

They are beautiful though!
My first thought was an african or brown chinese crossed with a toulouse. But idk

If they are muts you could really go with what ever you want. They won't mind if the other birds look just like them or not
I think Spectrumranch has it called about right. Those last pictures are very nice with the blue sky, tractor and all!

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