what breed of pullet?

Ole rooster

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Jun 25, 2011
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I post this in another thread I think was the wrong one. Can anyone tell what breed she is?


I bought her as a Black SexLink. Of all the different hens I've looked at she just doesn't look like one. Her feathers have a purple/greenish hue to them although they are black.

She looks like my BSL girls. Mine also have the purple and green hi-lights. Though a couple of mine have feathery feet (from their BCM dad). Aren't they the sweetest!!
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When I got her home the first night she was nuts. I thought O mercy. I wouldn't be able to stand a crazy like her. She was on the fence, 6 foot, then on top of the coop. 2 more feet screaming her head off the whole time. Somebody could have thought I was trying to get her to the butcher block. I waited till it got really dark and went up there and got her and the two RIR. Now she's the first to go to bed and really tuning into a friendly little girl. It's a toss up between here and the BO's. But that GLW is a sweetie too.


my 2 BSL girls...one has yellow legs, one dark...one very golden, one not...
the 2nd picture, she is wonderful, lets me hold her and carry her around every day,
not the first one though...she is standoffish.
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I'll admit that one is throwing me off. There are a lot of different ways to make Black Sex Links. All you need is a barred hen and a non-barred rooster, but the coloring has to be such that the white spot can be distinguished on the male chicks. I'd say there is a fair chance that one could be a Black Australorp rooster over a Barred Rock hen, but the leg color is messing with my mind. I'd expect th leg color to be darker with that cross, but maybe not.

Usually if you use a red or buff rooster over a barred hen like the BR for Black Sex Links, you get red or gold leakage around the neck on the pullets. That's the pattern most of us are used to.

I don't know where you got her, but my guess would be a BA rooster over a BR hen. The BA's have that greenish hue in the sunlight. I think that is a single comb, but it is hard to tell.

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