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What breed should i get

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by coltcogburn00, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. coltcogburn00

    coltcogburn00 In the Brooder

    Oct 20, 2013
    HI BACKYARD CHICKEN LOVERS !!!! I need some help choosing a breed. I want a chicken that lays brown eggs a bunch, friendly or pet, heat and cold torrent because i live in Texas, and can be broody i want a few broody hens. I was thinking of Red Star, buff orpington, light brahmas, silver wyandoote, and easter eggers. But if you know any other breeds.

  2. Chicks Galore3

    Chicks Galore3 Artistic Bird Nut

    Dec 16, 2011
    They all sound good to me! I've had all but the light brahmas. If you want a broody, get a couple silkies. They lay small eggs and are broody most of the time, so they don't actually lay many eggs, but they are good to keep around for hatching purposes.
  3. smith76

    smith76 Chirping

    Jun 21, 2013
    Any of the American Games. Prolific layers, extremely hardy cold or hot and great free rangers.
  4. I've had my chicks a little over a week now. I have 21 chicks, 7 different breeds. Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Australorps, Easter Eggers, Golden Comets, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons. Of those breeds, my Buff Orps are the friendliest in the group. They come running out from under the heat plate every time I move back the curtain over the brooder. Next would be the SLWyandottes. The rest are so so. I'm still working on them.

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