What breed should we choose?


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Dec 5, 2009
OK. We currently have a male Pekin and a male Crested White as outdoor pets and are thinking of getting some female ducklings in June so that we'll have some eggs for our trouble.

We originally thought of Muscovies because we are worried about noise (live close to neighbors), but I've been told they don't winter as well. We live at 7400 feet in Northern NM and have long, cold winters with snow in the duck’s yard for maybe 6-8 months. Our current ducks do fabulously well in winter and love to be outside in the cold and snow despite access to a much warmer coop whenever they want.
So, we are wondering what breeds you all have to suggest for us. The criteria would be good layers, cold-hardy, likely to get along with our males and as quite as possible The quacking of our males doesn't bother our neighbors, and maybe you can tell me how much louder females would be. We are still novice duck owners.


Don't know what breed to advise for your climate, but my Blue Swedes, Indian Runner and Cayuga cross girls were/are LOUD, especially my runners. My Pekin is pretty quiet actually. But others will tell you the Pekins are noisy. So, it's really hard to paint all ducks with the same brush. JMO
I would get pekins, and your hens can hatch out some (pure) ducklings. But, Pekins are loud. Of all the breeds, the only Quiet ones are Muscovies and cayugas. Cayugas are really pretty, do well in winter, and are good layers.
Hmmm...I'd be interested to hear more about Cayugas. I love my Pekin male. He's very friendly and cute, but I'm a little freaked about a yard full of extremely noisy ducks irritating my neighbors. Is it hard to find Cayuga ducklings?

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