What breed to choose?


7 Years
May 29, 2012
I wonder what breed would be quiet enough in neighborhood? Also, do smaller breeds lay smaller eggs? I am a total newbie :)
yeah, just linger around on this website till you find what you are looking for. Don't forget that google can also help with these things.
from Ohio, If your looking for quietness in a bird, don't get a rooster, tip number one, lol. I'm sure there's a lo of pro's that can answer your questions.
Thank You. Yes; someone warned against roosters. I am eager to build a coop and get a few beautiful egg-laying chickens. All in good time, I quess :p
Thank You. Yes; someone warned against roosters. I am eager to build a coop and get a few beautiful egg-laying chickens. All in good time, I quess :p
Gosh, there are so many beautiful breeds that are good egg layers, and you have to think of preference of egg color. Myself I like the brown eggs and colored eggs over the white eggs, its a lot to do with preference. There are Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Black Star, Red Star, Light Sussex, Plymouth Rock, Cuckoo Maran and Barred rock just to name a few, lol.
from washington state glad you joined us!
As long as you just have hens (girls) they all are very quiet. It is the roosters that make all the loud noises! There are a lot of wonderful breeds out there. The larger the hen the larger the egg. Orpingtons make wonderful first time chickens they are very docile and friendly and come in many different colors and lay wonderful brown eggs and you can find them every where. Barred Rocks are wonderful good laying chickens too. There really is a lot of wonderful breed to choose from. Do what a lot of us do get one of every breed! lol !
I'm unsure where folks are getting that hens are quiet. Not like a barking dog or early morning rooster but yeah, hens do cluck, the real noise is when they are about to lay. It's called the egg laying song and it can be rather loud. As a breed Wyandottes are said to be constant cluckers, as egg song noise I believe that is up to individual birds not breeds. Some ladies make a lot of noise giving birth and others don't. Laying an egg for chickens is just that, giving birth each day and the girls sing about it just prior to going to nest.

Bantams gives small eggs. Some small birds, slightly larger than bantam, give large eggs. In general smaller birds are more flighty. If your looking for friendlier birds that with proper handling will become lap birds you'll likely do best with a large breed. Plymouth Rocks, Orpington, Austalorp and Sussex are large breeds with good dispositions that are good layers. For a few less eggs per week you've got Cochin, Jersey Giants and Brahmas. All these are docile birds. Think on importance of eggs then look at whats available in your area for breeds and color variation until you find what you like.

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