What Breed??


7 Years
May 25, 2012
I'm not sure what breed this is. I had ordered a buff brahma originally but someone had put my chick back in with the rest and I ended up getting this one instead. I thought it was an Americauna but it doesn't lay green or blue eggs. They are always the same color, like a very light pink. Does anyone know what she could be or if she is a mix? Any help would be great, Thanks!

She looks like an EE.. maybe she just lays differnent colored eggs.
Correction: The eggs aren't pink they are actually more like a light beige in color.
It's a very very pretty EE lady.

EEs are not a regulated breed, and hatcheries can slurry in whatever genes they want. This includes egg color. Right now I'm hoping my new EE baby will end up laying blue, but wouldn't be at all suprised if she laid green or brown.
Thanks for the info everyone. I only had a couple of chickens in 4H and just got a few last year for eggs. I have a Rhode Island Red and another new chick, I don't know much about the other breeds.

I thought maybe she was a mix but I love her just the same. She is one of the sweetest chickens I've ever had!

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