What breed?


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Oct 14, 2012
I've uploaded an album called ducks on my profile.
The brown one had some green in this tail/lower back feathers and on his head

Can someone please help. Thank you
One of my Old Ladies hatched out a baby that looks a lot like your dark duck. Since I have both Khaki Cambell & Rouen ducks who all lay eggs all over, as do the Pekins, my guess for mine is something x Khaki Campbell. The Rouen babies at my house have had the spots on their backs when downy. And eye stripes. The other thing to consider is that the white of a Pekin is a recessive c gene, so theoretically the white Pekin could have a dark duckling, say if a black runner gene was introduced.
Thank you I didn't know how to add the photos to the thread on my phone.
Also thank you all for the information!
With the markings on thewings starting to show it might be a mallard, if not it could be a wood duck. Might have to wait a little longer to know for sure. the other one is most likely a Peking duck.

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