What breeds are these two chickens?


6 Years
Sep 18, 2013
Hey everyone! can you please help me to know what breeds of chickens these are? I live in Australia and i bought these a few weeks ago. I think the farmer who gave him to us said the first chicken (the grey one Oreo) has a 50% chance of laying a green egg.

This is Ash.

Thanks! :)
No offense, but they haven't changed breed since you posted them a few days ago

Your second chicken is most likely a Black Australorp. :) And if he said the first one has a 50% change of laying a green egg then it could be an Ameriucana. I'm not sure. That is totally a guess ;) But your second one I'd say is a black Australorp :)
being that you are in Australia, the blue one could be a beardless araucana or cross of, the other is either a black sexlink (since I see brown coming in on her neck) or a mix but not pure australorp.
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