What breeds make good show birds?


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I might be interested in showing ducks, but I really know nothing about it yet. I guess the first step would be selecting a breed! I love calls and I might get some eventually, but I'd like to start with something a little easier to hatch. What would be a good breed for a newbie with young kids? I already have some nice (in my opinion) Welsh Harlequins.

If I got some of Holderread's Mini Silver Appleyards, could I show them? I'm asking this because of all the confusion about what to actually call them.

Would the Australian Spotted be a good show bird, and are they well represented at poultry shows?

I don't have an incubator yet, so for now I'd like to buy them young. That's one reason I'm looking at the spotteds: Holderreads will sell them as babies but not the calls or East Indies. Eventually I'd like to breed and hatch my own.

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Only certain colors/breeds are accepted for shows. Take calls, by far the most popular breed for show (most conpetative too) There are at least 20 varieties (colors/patterns) but only about 5 are Accepted. I am fairly sure your Welsh Harequins are accepted. I don't lnow about Mini Silver Appleyards and I am fairly sure that Australian Spotted are not yet Accepted. Some one that actually Shows may be more able to help you.
My best advice is, go to a larger show that is listed with some of the breeds you like and see what people are doing. Ask any questions that pop to mind, you will likely have someone there take you unde their wing and show you some of the ropes. I went to watch before I bought and I lucked out, one of the most renowned showmen/breeders for my breed was there with pairs to sell! I went hog wild at that show and bought more ducks than I had planned on but I came home with a nice start on breeding, showing and just plain appreciating. Made some good contacts there too. I got there early before the show started and did lots of looking first, but was lucky enough to see what I wanted as soon as I walked in the door. The early bird captured the worm in this case!
i would suggest swedish im a newbie and only have set 8 eggs and 7 of them hatched so my eggs were easily hatched. they are also not very well represented at shows. im trying to get some awareness going about the breed because they are rare (at least the good ones)

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