What breeds should I get?


Apr 28, 2016
New York
You're list looks great! But, I honestly would not get the BR. Though I absolutely love mine, she really does not do well in the heat. Anything above 85 degrees and she's miserable. I don't know is this is the same with the Buff Orps.
Australorps are great. Maybe you could consider getting one of those instead.

Chicken Heel

Jun 8, 2019
I would always recommend Buff Orpingtons be included in any person's first flock because they are my personal favorites. I have had many of them through the years and they have been healthy, productive hens and the roosters have been calm and good with their hens and not human aggressive. A second favorite is Turkens as they are just your basic hardy, tough as nails type of chicken. I find the comments about Maran hens being bullies to be interesting as I have not seen that behavior with my three of the Cuckoo variety. And I'm thankful because they have spurs that any rooster would envy.


Oct 22, 2019
This might sound strange advise but let me explain- Do not wait until Spring to order your chickens. Order you chickens as early as you can. Like when the new catalogs come out. This is crazy but there is a run on chickens because of COVID 19. Yes, just like toilet paper and ammo. Chickens are in high demand because five pork processing plants were closed out west because of covid. Is it real , no, but people are getting chicks and hatching eggs it is crazy. Your favorite hatchery will run out.


Mar 20, 2017
This might sound strange advise but let me explain- Do not wait until Spring to order your chickens. Order you chickens as early as you can. Like when the new catalogs come out. This is crazy but there is a run on chickens because of COVID 19.
It happens every year. If you want chicks for March, April, or May: place the order in January or possibly February. Just be sure to select the correct hatch/ship date.

(I grant that COVID-19 made it worse this year, and it lasted longer, but the advice to order early is appropriate for any year.)


Sep 6, 2020
It honestly depends so much on the chicken. I have a leghorn, a brahma, a rhode island red, and an Ameraucana. My Ameraucana hates people, though all the other girls don't mind me. I love Rhode Island Reds, they're super sweet, great layers, can be used for meat too, overall a super solid breed. And they're so pretty! Brahma's are also super gorgeous and great for families. Marans lay super dark brown eggs which is super cool and I definitely want to get one for the next time I get chickens. Whiting true blues and whiting true greens come in all different colors and lay the most stunning blue and green eggs. Congrats on being able to get chickens they are so fun!
Leghorn, Ameraucana, Brahma:
My RIR, Rosie:


Jul 30, 2020
Bainbridge Island Washington
Hi all! I am settling in on my choices of breeds that I will be ordering for April. I live on a hilly property with very well draining soil. There are plenty of shade trees, and I live on the north side of the slope. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, so we have all four seasons. The summers get up to 102F tops, and the winters get down to -5F at the lowest. Spring and fall we do get a lot of rain, but I suppose a lot of places might consider it to be moderate.

i’ve been obsessively researching chicken breeds, chicken coops, runs, and everything regarding chickens for the past couple of months. I’ve always wanted chickens, and I am thrilled now that we have a large enough property my dream is coming true! I am not afraid of hard work, and I plan to give them the very best I am able to, so any important bits of advice are welcome... but my specific question is about breeds.

I have small children, so I am looking for family friendly breeds. I’d love chickens that like people. I also love the idea of a multi-colored barnyard and egg basket.

I have two dogs, and the neighboring property has three feral cats 🤦🏻‍♀️ that live on the property (the cats came with their property, and I’m not above capturing And homing them). On the other side our other neighbor has two dogs that are not restrained. That may change once our dogs move in, as ours are young and will want to play.

while I would prefer to free range my flock (my dogs will need a ton of training and I plan to work toward this), I am well aware that that may not be a possibility considering the neighbors pets or mine. So I plan to have a large run. I also plan to use the deep litter method.

here is the list of breeds I am thinking of ordering. At the moment I am planning on ordering one of each. My coop and run will be large enough to fit 16, but I will be starting with 8 chickens because... chicken math.

Out of these breeds are there any you would recommend against? Any that will not likely get along with the others? Which are your favorites?

if you have and love any of these birds please include a pic for everyone’s enjoyment.

Thank you for your input!!!

Dark Brahma
Blue/Black/Spash Cochin
Salmon Faverolle
Black Copper Marans
Barred Rock
Cream Legbar
Buff Orpington
Easter Egger
I’m not against any of these breeds! Most of my flock is either full or a mix of almost all of these breeds! The only breed I have never had any experience with is the Salmon Faverolle. I had 4 ameruacanas, they were all so sweet! Unfortunately they all ended up being roosters 😩 But all those chickens are lovely! 🥰

Texas Transplant

Mar 1, 2020
Not sure if you've settled on the breeds or housing arrangements for the chooks yet......but, if you do end up having a large run instead of free-ranging, your breed choices might need adjusting as some breeds do better with confinement than others. Also, it seems like you guys get a good amount of precipitation and cool/cold weather which might make having feather legged chickens more labor intensive. I see that folks have been recommending Wyandottes and Barred Rocks because they are human friendly. Honestly, I find them quite domineering in a mixed flock with more docile breeds. EEs are great, sort of a mix of flighty and affectionate. Ameraucanas are quite hardy and have lovely personalities in general. Orpington hens are quite friendly BUT are gluttons in the feed department. I've had nothing but positive experiences with Welsummers, great personalities and often have speckled eggs. Australorps are quite friendly and good layers as well.

Good Luck in your chicken adventure :)

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