What can I do for Donuts?? Slightly gross pic.

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    Last Saturday we noticed my Speckled Sussex hen, Donut Lover, had some greenish diarrhea and was roosting during the day, a little bit fluffed up. I was worried but on my way out of town, and my neighbor checked on her and said she stayed the same all weekend. Yesterday I separated her out, started feeding her some egg and yogurt, and took a fecal sample to the vet (results tomorrow).

    She's mostly just sitting in her pet carrier, and hasn't laid an egg today. Her appetite is fair, and not all of her poops are loose; some are normal but still more green than usual. Her vent is a little messy.

    I thought she might be egg-bound, so I palpated her belly, but didn't feel anything. However, I discovered a quarter-sized, mostly dried-out wound under her left wing:


    She definitely feels sore on that side of her body. I'm thinking it might have been caused by some really rough roosterly attention. Has this happened to anyone else's chicks? Is there anything I can do to help her now? Will it heal? Could the stress of the wound cause her to stop laying, or might she also be egg-bound?

    I love Donuts; she's such a cutie:
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    The action you have taken is spot on...only thing I would suggest further is to add a good supplement like aviacharge 2000 (you can order online from McMurry)... many add it to their water but if you find that she balks at this (many times birds will avoid any changes to their water) then you can cook up a wee bit of human oatmeal (you only should add enough to the feed to make it clump together.you need to cook it in water>I microwave mine for two minutes) and when it cools add it to the oatmeal and then mix it through their feed. In the mean time Polyvisol Enfamil (three drops in beak once a day for a week) will ensure against any major deficiency while she is regaining her health.
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    Do you think it might be infected? Maybe an antibiotic?
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    I would get an ointment called Corona, comes in a red & yellow tube or small tub. I use it on all kinds of animal wounds and it works wonders. It's an antiseptic ointment and most feed stores should carry it especially if they carry horse supplies. And maybe get her a hen saddle which will cover her back allowing her to heal and still be around the roosters. The hen saddle would keep it from happening again. Best of luck with her!
  5. Do you have roosters?
    This happened to my RIR. I kept on finding blood and could not find who it was from! It was not until my RIR started acting like yours, then I found a HUGE spot under her wing. I was watching Harley with her and I am pretty sure he slipped while mating and spurred her. :eek: It was too late to help her. She died 2 days later. The infection was so bad. I felt horrible. I wish I had caught it earlier, I am sure she could have been saved. Good luck with yours, I would get her on some antibiotics FAST!! Sure hope all goes well.
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    If the injury is from the roosters, you can burn their claws and spurs down so they don't "dig in" to the hens so badly.
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    Quote:What do you mean by "burn"?
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    Back when I was a kid we would cut the spurs off of the roosters... a little at a time. you don't want to cut it off next to the leg or it will bleed and could then get infection. I imagine the burning is to coagulate the blood inside? keep it from bleeding?
  9. JennsPeeps

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    Burn as in "cauterize".

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