what can I do to fix my Sick hen

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    Feb 14, 2010
    I HAD a pair of Golden Seabrights. THe rooster got sick & later died a few weeks later. THe Hen is starting to get sick as well. her comb is getting pale. one of her eyes are staying shut & swelled some. I have some VETRX & some Meds to give in a shot. but jsut unsure what she mgiht have. I have a pic of her eye but it's nto a good one. as far as her stool looks pretty normal. Please advise
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    I guess the first thing I'd do is bring her inside and try to get some good food into her, like a scambled egg (shell included), maybe with a little molassis for energy. I'd try to watch and listen for wheezing or any strange noises as she breaths, and keep her warm. I'm not familiar with VETRX, but she may need an antibiotic. As for what to put "in a shot", sorry, I've only given oral meds. Hope she'll be OK.
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