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    Apr 15, 2016
    Hey guys, I recently learned about how horribly chickens are treated, and I have cut how much chicken I eat but I still feel like there is something else I can do. Does anyone know anything or a website or something I can do to help poor battery cage chickens?[​IMG]
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    Is there a specific source you are reading to come to these conclusions? A lot of propaganda out there that are anti-factory farm are not really all that true to life so you have to be careful where you get your info from. Meat chickens are not raised in battery cages, but rather free run in large houses or barns.

    Some ways to help egg chickens and avoid caged farms include participating in adoption of hens after they are "spent" and buying from cage free or organic farms. There are many, many really good farms that raise their animals in a very humane way. My problem with videos and pamphlets about cage chickens is that they are meant to make people emotional about the topic but are not necessarily a good representation of the practice itself. Cage free and organic can have their own set of issues as well.
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