What can I give my ducks?


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
Okay, So I have looked at this sites list of treats for my ducks, and at others.
I read I could give them leaks, is this true?
Also, Spinach?
Sun Dried Tomatoes?

I want food that is easily obtained, or I already have at hand. Or that I can easily grow for them.
Also, there is rhubarb that grows wild around me, and my ducks were nibbling at the leaves, is that okay for them?
I'd skip the mushrooms myself (for the ducks) although I love them- just don't think they would get much out of them...

I'd look up a list of "plants toxic to birds" and never feed that stuff, then if humans eat the plants and its not specifically toxic to birds, ok...
Venison...as in deer meat
Yeah as in deer meat, cause ducks eat beef and poultry, so why not deer? :p I am not sure, about anything other then lettuce and peas, and their duck food haha. Thats why I posted on here, Cause I want to learn things.
Yes I have heard that
Im getting about 10 already started tomato plants next week.
Your ducks will love that! I usually just cut them up a bit and my ducks go mad over them, more so than peas haha
And when I have porridge for breaky I sacrifice some for my scovie girl
she loves that aswell. I gotta remind myself duck not human!
Hahaha, Yeah, Im starting a garden for just my ducks :p We also have asparagus that just grows everywhere out here! I love giving my ducks treats, I would do it all the time if I didnt have to spend money on them the majority of the time. But my grocery store had a deal on frozen peas yesterday, So I had to get a couple bags. And some more lettuce, which is kind of expensive. But maybe I will go buy some tomatoes today Just because I can
slugs !!! lol i laid down a few cedar posts and the slugs move right in for protectin. i clean out the kiddie pool slash duck pond and throw the slugs in. They sink to the bottom and my rouen ducks just love diving in to get them.

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