what can you do for your...

I agree. I would trim it!
I can't trim it She will go to show this fall I would just like her to be able to see while she is out side/ in the house for right now she is in the house for 30 days
Take a thin strip of blue painters tape about 6 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. Have someone hold her crest up and wrap the tape around her crest being sure that you can see her eyes. Don't tape it too tight....just enough to keep it up.

Also, it's ok to trim just a little bit above and below her eyes so she can see a bit better. Actually, I've seen judges disqualify silkies that can't see because of their crest. Use a pair of baby fingernail scissors with the round tips and just be careful. Definitely a 2 person job for most people.

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