6 Years
Feb 22, 2013
Northern NM
I had supplied two of my duck eggs to my local elementary school for the kids to incubate. Today was the last day of school and day 24 of incubation. They had been candling the eggs with an actual, plug in egg candler. Today with the same plug in candler, Egg number 1 showed clear spaces in both ends of the egg so we knew that it wasn't viable anymore. Egg number 2 seemed completely dark, A-OK, ready on schedule. This evening, after moving everything back to my house (very very carefully) I found my super bright LED flashlight and decided to double check. Needless to say the difference was VAST. BOTH eggs now showed significant clear space in the pointy end of the eggs. So, knowing all hope was lost, I opened them. Neither egg had developed past Day 10 at the very longest, no limbs and the 2nd egg barely had a visible bill nub. To my irritation, both eggs had that **** jelly blob
in them, So far every duck egg I've tried hatching has that same **** thing in them.

I have another two duck eggs in a separate incubator with 11 chicken eggs. After a failed hatch and finding out the thermometer was WAY off, I re-calibrated the original thermometer and purchased a digital thermometer/humidity gauge, I set my current set. Temp is between 99.5 and 100.5, humidity is between 55% and 65%. I live in the high desert of New Mexico where humidity is some odd theory other people have... All eggs are developing amazingly well and my Duck Egg #2 has a super clear heartbeat!!! (I want to post a video of it later its so awesome)

My first thought is that something was wrong with the kids temp or humidity. They didn't have anyway of monitoring the humidity and only had on of those red fluid thermometers (turns out the red liquid had separated?!) Any other insights for me before I kill my current set....

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