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    This is a list of chicken breeds, their laying abilities, looks and colours.

    Excellent Layers: ( Mediterranean breeds tend to be the best layers. Economical eaters. Good for turning little food into eggs. Flighty. Not broody. )

    Leghorns. White Leghorns are the best purebred layers but you can also get many other colours in Leghorn that are fantastic layers as well, like: Blue, blue-red, brown in dark and light, exchequer and black.

    Minorca's - Similar to Leghorns. They come in black, white and blue.
    Lakenvelder's - Rare.
    Domonique - Rare. Barred breed.
    Dorkings - Old and rare breed. Come in Silver grey.

    Dual purpose: ( Heavy breeds. Still good layers. Eat more than Mediterranean breeds. Less flighty. Tend to be more friendly and smarter. Moderately broody.).

    Rhode Island Reds - Red and White.
    Plymouth Rocks - Barred. White.
    Sussex - Speckled, buff, platinum, light, silver.
    Australorps - Blue, Black.
    Faverolles - Salmon, black.
    Delaware - White.

    Dual purpose: ( Heavy breeds. Steady egg layers ).
    Wyandottes - Many, many colours of lacing.
    Langshans - Good winter layers.

    Colourful egg layers: ( Blue eggs. Green eggs. Chocolate eggs. Pink eggs. )
    Araucana's - Blue or green egg layers.
    Ameraucana's - Blue, green or sometimes a pinky cream.
    EE's - These are mixes and can lay Blue's, greens, pinks, chocolate coloured eggs depending on their mix.
    Marans - Lay very dark brown eggs, almost milk chocolate in colour.
    Barnevelders - Dark brown.
    Welsummers - Dark Brown.

    Colourful breeds: ( Not the best egg layers but make up for it in flamboyant colours, long tails, weird feathers and feathered feet. Great broodies. ).
    Silkie - Very broody.
    Wyandottes - Good layers, just put them in this category because of their colour.

    Hybrids: ( Prolific layers. Eat a lot but lay and lay and lay. Burn out after 1-2 years. ).
    Sex-Links ( Also called Red stars, ISA Browns, Goldlines. ) - Black, Red, White, Amber.
    White Leghorn Hybrids.
    Rhode Island Hybrids.

    ( These are most certainly not all the breeds and all the information on the breeds listed. Not all colours have been listed either. It is just a rough guide to help point chicken enthusiasts in the right direction when picking a breed. )
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    Anyone is most certainly welcome to add to this[​IMG].
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    I am surprised you include in your best layers, 2 breeds that I have never seen in any best layer list, and that are both known to be rather broody (something else that doesn't go with best layer). At the same time, I have never had either of them, so
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    Yeah sorry I forgot to add.

    Dorkings 'used' to be great layers, and there are still some good lines that lay well. They are fairly broody as you said.
    What is the other breed?

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