What Color are the day's of Week?

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    Okay so I am making tea towels, and I going to have the day's of the week on them. So I have 7 flower sack towels, and I am using fabric pens to outline a iron on transfer pattern. Each towel has a little dutch girl doing a different task each day.

    But here is what I want to know. When I was little I knew that each day had a color associated with the day. It's like I know that the number 8 is black, and I think the the number 5 is pink. Unfortunately I have gotten to old to remember what color goes with each day. So if anyone can help I would appreciate it immensely.

    I shouldn't have used my left brain so much. My right brain has just been under used for sometime now. [​IMG]

    I also know that there really aren't any rules for this kind of thing. But I would love to know this kind of thing again.
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    WOW I never heard of that. I hope someone gets back to you so I can know to.
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    I did some Google searches and it looks like this is a Thai tradition. According to Wikipedia:








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    there are several variations:

    the first one (thai traditional):
    Sunday: red
    Monday: yellow
    Tuesday: pink
    Wednesday: green
    Thursday: orange
    Friday: blue
    Saturday: purple

    the second (astrological):
    Sunday: Oranges, yellows, golds
    Monday: White, silvers, Creams and Light Greys
    Tuesday: Reds of all shades and some Oranges
    Wednesday: yellows, greys, violets, and opalescent colors
    Thursday: royal purple and royal Blue
    Friday: Pink, aqua, greens and pastels
    Saturday: blacks, dark purples, dark gray, and Indigo

    the third (pagan.. at least one version.. there are others):
    Sunday: Yellow & gold
    Monday: Silver, white, light blue
    Tuesday: Red and orange
    Wednesday: Purple
    Thursday: Royal blues, greens
    Friday: Pink, aqua/blue-green
    Saturday: Black, dark purple

    fourth (Ayurveda):
    Sunday: deep pink, maroon and brown
    Monday: milky white, white and lavender
    Tuesday: Red, orange and jet black
    Wednesday: Pear green, green and blue
    Thursday: yellow, gold and off white
    Friday: white, light blue and alice blue
    Saturday: midnight blue, dark blue and blue black

    I'm sure there are a lot more out there!
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    Jan 27, 2009
    Thank you so much. I should have Googled it myself.
    This list is the one I remembered from child hood.

    I got busy with the first towel, but I found that I need to go back to store for some extra colors. I didn't get a flesh color, or a light brown. So far I really like the fabric pens I bought at the University Book Store. The store is a 100 mile round trip from home. Uf da!!!!

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