What color eggs do the Silkies lay?

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    We have a mixed flock right now, but have been considering one or two breeds. We like the EE because folks really like getting a blue egg so we are going to add more EE to our flock, but cannot decide on the other breed. I would like brown or chocolate layers. We would like to find a breed that is very sweet with the kids. We have Silver Laced Wyandottes who don't really care whether we are there or not, a maran who also doesn't care and two Buff Orpingtons who are sweet. We would like to stay with the buffs but have been reading a lot about silkies. Can someone tell me what color egg they lay? We are also looking at the Mille Fleur d'Uccle bantams, can anyone share if they are friendly and what color egg they lay? We are also considering Black Copper Marans, Salmon Faverolles, and Cochins, so if you have any input that would be very helpful. Thank you.

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    silkies lay a white to light cream colored egg. I personally think that EE's are the one friendliest chickens out there. I don't own any currently, but the ones I have had were great. Believe it or not, the friendliest chicken in my flock is a redstar.

    Have you used the breed selection tool on the Breeds page?
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    I have two d'Uccles that don't lay very well but are the tamest, sweetest things you could imagine. Check Henderson's chart:

    The silkies eggs that I have seen were cream colored. I sold those silkies- now I have younger silkies that aren't laying yet.

    Bantam cochins are also very docile and sweet.

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