What color eggs?


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
I have cayuga ducks. I know their eggs will be a blackish color.
I 1 mallard duck. What color egg will she lay?
And I have 1 pekin duck. I am guessing her egg will be white. Am I right?
Well my Cayuga eggs were always White but a little brown..
I think I got my first duck egg a couple days ago. My one mallard is my oldest duck and I think it came from her. It was a very very light green tint to it. How dark are they usually? The first one had a really waxy feel to it. But that is gone now. It was first layed in the duck "area" of the coop on the floor. After the first day it has been layed in a bottom box in the set of nesting boxes. Right off the bat it was a little bigger then my chicken eggs from pullets that have been laying for about 2 weeks. So that also makes me think it came from her. I do have some EEs but I do not think any of them are ready to lay yet. So do you guys think I am getting duck eggs? I have not cracked one open yet.
Well, I have 4 Mallard hens and 18 off white eggs about the size of a chicken's. Hope this helps.
my mallards layed distinctly green eggs.. not dark but definitely green.
early in the year my cayuga lays eggs the color of new asphalt, going to white as the season progresses. the asphalt eggs are usually not completely covered in that color, more like it was layered on with an artist's trowel in random patches, but maybe 80% of the egg is black.
I am really confused now. I am getting 2 eggs a day now. They look exactly the same. An off white color. Almost like you would be able to see threw it but you can't. They are big eggs. The size of my double yoker chicken eggs. I know they are not coming from my chickens. I only have 1 chicken laying white eggs. And hers is white. These are off white. I don't know who is laying these. My hens are 1 pekin, 1 mallard, and 3 cayugas. So I don't know how I am getting 2 eggs a day this color. Can you use food coloring on ducks like you can chickens to see how is laying what?
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Yes, you can use food colouring. I've just done this successfully with mine. Put it in a spray bottle and give one good squirt in the vent at night. You will need someone to hold the duck. Don't let them have swimming water till they've laid the next morning. The food colouring doesn't go through the shell.
Upon further inspection (and many more eggs) I have noticed that there are some of them that do have a tiny hint of green tint and others are staying more of a off white color.
I guess I had forgotten the size of a chicken's egg since I have been dealing with the duck eggs lately
I pulled a chicken egg out of the fridge and compared it to a duck egg and there is quite a difference.
I wish I could get close enough to my ducks to use the food coloring thing. I would like to know exactly who is laying ALL of these eggs!!!
Do you have a drake anywhere in the mix? If so it may not matter who is laying the egg since you might not know what "it" will be until they hatch anyway.
Yes I had have drakes. We eat the eggs so I am not really worried about how mated with who. I am just confused when I get 2 eggs that look exactly the same. When I only have 1 hen that should be laying that color.

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