What color is my Polish roo?


9 Years
Sep 11, 2010
This roo is 5 months old and his sire is a Splash roo. Mom was most likely a gold laced hen, given his coloring, but the pasture had buff laced, gold laced, silver laced, and blue hens in it. I think he is gorgeous and I love how the lacing is blue with gold fill (as he ages, the lacing is becoming more definite - see the second photo). He doesn't have white on his head – he was growing in feathers and the angle made the shafts look white – except for a single all white feather towards the back. He has a nice full black beard and muffs, a top knot that is growing in well and beginning to show blue and gold lacing and just a trace of a comb. Good toes and straight beak, too.

Is this an actual "color" or recognized color? I am still very much new to chickens and am hoping Santa will bring me a few books on colors, breeds and genetics this year

I am considering keeping him to breed from next year as he is such a lovely bird. What color should I cross him with to retain the blue and gold coloration?

Thanks for any info. I really appreciate all the help I have received from the wonderful people on this site.


Another bird that I am wondering about color for. Sire was a clean-faced splash, hen was either silver laced, gold laced, buff laced, or blue, but I tend to think gold-laced due to the random splashes of "brown" along with the splashes of blue and black he is displaying. Another nice looking roo – of the few eggs I decided to hatch this year, I ended up with almost all roosters
– that I may keep for next year to breed from. Again, good toes, nice beak, top knot growing in well. And clean-faced, which is my absolute favorite for Polish birds.

Is there a name for a splashed bird with multiple colors? I assume the colors he is splashed with should be called gold and blue.

If I were to pair him next year, what color should the hen be to retain the blues and browns on the chicks?


Thanks so much for the info. So if I am understanding correctly, he would be considered "blue" as his color, right? Is the gold that "leaks" through a disqualification? Is it considered bad, or something to avoid? I really love the combination, but I'd hate to breed unwanted animals. For the moment I only hatch a very few eggs, in order to try to better understand the breeding and selection process to expand my understanding.

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