what color will this baby button quail be???


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Mar 17, 2013
Moreno Valley , CA
I would like to know if any could help,what color mutation will this baby be when its all grown up I know I should be patient but take a look at the at his feet they are dark all the buttons I've seen have yellow or orange... Hope I have a nice color mutation bab
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There's no real way of telling until they fully grow their feathers (not when they start to grow their feathers as their feathers can change colours completely).
Its a real pretty chick though. I'm guessing it could be a tuxedo, but I don't know a lot about button quail colourations.
No idea but from the one chick I've had, they change colors quite a bit. Ours was white, then dark, then lighter gray and is now super dark with white/gray wings.
He's a spaz and I had to grab him yesterday so he's extra spooked. It was hard to get a pic, but this is him. He's mostly dark except you can see a bit of lighter feathers poking through on the top of his head and when he opens his wings, you can really see the white feathers on his wings. There's a lot more white than you see when they're folded.

Edited to add his mate because she's so beautiful and sweet. her feathers are a little ruffled here, this is the day we got her. Her markings are so pretty and normally look perfect:

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Oh he's a real nice looking little guy I hope my little one looks like him. Your little girl is beautiful I have one just like her she's giving me white babies,silvers, and cinnamon her boy friend is a tuxedo color..I'm getting addictive to incubating all my quail eggs and so far all have been hatching right now I have 25 babies tomorrow 10 will hatch and another 10 will go on lock down tomorrow so by the end of this week ill have 45 babies OMG I have to start selling some..... I live in riverside if anybody is interested

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