What color will this EE be?


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Sep 2, 2011
We recently purchased Ameracunas from Ideal Poultry and received three dark chicks and one light one.




I was curious what she would look like grown up since she was so different from the others. Does anyone have any pictures of an adult Ameracuna (possibly from Ideal) that looked like her as a chick?

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Ive gotten some from Ideal. The dark ones (In my case) grew up really pretty. Shes got a black beard and muffs, then theres some dark brown striping and kind of a lacing pattern, her tail is mainly black, but her body has several different shades of tan.

I had a couple light ones. Two were simple buff/tan colors with black striping, and one was reddish with blue barred wings. I'd post pics, but my lovely neighbor has a problem with taking my hens when they wander into her yard.

Theres really no way to tell for sure with EE's until theyre grown, but its fun guessing!! :]

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