What color will this make?


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I have a flock of five cochins as some of you know. In the spring iwas thinking about hatching. I got my white cochins from a breeder. They are show quality from a local breeder. The parents from the breeder always sweep the shows. I have a feeling my rooster would too if i showed it. I have a red, blue splash , white, and silver penciled hens. www.urbancochins.webs.com. Please look at there pictures and tell me whatcha think. Anyways, what color will the offspring be with
White roo X Red Hen
White Roo X Blue Splash
White Roo X Silver
Thank you so much!
What is your reason for crossing the birds?

I do not think you will get any chicks that you could use to show.

If you cross the white roo with the females , then cross the white roo with the female offspring you can produce more whites.

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Thanks Tim,
This generation is for show. But I wanted a few for pets but wanted to know what color the crosses would be....
No way of telling unless you know the genotype of the cockerel,ie what is the white masking. Do it and see
Most likely the offspring will be black with some color. You may get some self black females you can show. As Blackdotte said, try the cross and see what happens.

I would put the roo with one hen at a time and see what is produced from each hen. That way if you do get a usable variety for show, you know which hen to use in the future. If you get males, then you can back cross the male to the hen to produce more of that variety.


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