what colour are these hens?

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    I purchased these three Bantam hens on April, 17th. One of them had Scaly leg mites really bad, but they are all in quarantine for a minimum of a month and I am treating all three just to be safe. I know the white one is a red breasted white, mind you the red is light and hard to get a good photo of her as none of them are use to being handled at all in anyway. All three of them Bantam mixes. However I do not know what they are mixed with. I was wondering what colour you would call these two hens?

    Hen A: Breca

    This is the second hen. She just had a dust bath. Her black feathers are true black with a green sheen. The only colour is on her neck, head and chest. Hen B: Akasha
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    They're mixed breeds with "Unstandard Colours" so those hens dont really have a colour. I would probably call Breca a wheaten crele or a barred wheaten. The other one looks a bit like a Black Star?
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    I am just wondering what colour to call them so I have it on file with the rest of her information. I also have this little Serama Rooster. Any idea on his colouring? I want to call him a red duckwing but I do not thing that is correct. He was passing in the run as he is scared. He came from a bachelor run here he was on the bottom of the pecking order on another farm to my farm where he is now on his own for the time being but can see other chickens. He hasn't been handed much and is only 5 months old.


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