What colour is this duck???????


9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Mary Valley QLD.

I am not quite sure what colour this girl is.... thought she was a natural but seems different..... Anyone seen this before????
It looks like it is a light phase, so 1lpoock could be right. Some light phase ducks hatch out in a darker shade with less white (some harlequin phase do too). With some of them, it even gives them a golden sort of shade overall. I have one that hatched in some Appleyards that looks almost identical to yours.
Her father is a silver call and her mother is a white mallard. Very interesting ...... do you have any pics of your duck? Also does that mean this is a colour that she will reproduce, and what would the drakes of this phase look like assuming you can get them.
Can I be the wise guy and say "it's a pretty color, that's what it is!"...?

Seriously, such a pretty duck. Is she yours?
Yes, you should be able to get drakes that color (or breed her back to her father). I imagine that her mother was carrying light phase and her father was a silver that was genetically m+/m+ or m^d/m+ rather than m^d/m^d. In the US, we have the same situation with Silvers (Snowys). The eye stripes make me think dusky is *not* involved, just light phase. I would really breed her back to her father. That would by far be the easiest thing to do.

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