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    Hi all!

    I am new to chickens [​IMG] I have one girl who just started to lay and of course am anxiously waiting for the others to follow suit! I am running out today (or tomorrow) to get some layer feed. I really research my dog foods, and know what ingredients I want to see, what I don't want to see, and percentages of protein, fat, etc. that I am looking for. I have NO clue when it comes to chicken feed!! I want to feed the best stuff I can find and afford. Our local co-op carries Purina and organic feeds. TSC has Dumor. I don't know if I can find some places that mix their own, but would be willing to try. However, my question is, what ingredients should I be looking for? Is there stuff I should NOT want to see (I know soy can be a controversial ingredient)? Are the percentages of protein, etc basically the same in all layer rations, or are there certain numbers I should be looking for? My girls do have access to a yard / ranging, but I want to feed them a complete ration for those times when they have to be confined and with winter coming I assume they won't be able to find everything they need anyways. I'm not looking for a recommendation of one brand over another, more an education of what stuff to look for so I can research and decide [​IMG]

    Thank you! And my girls thank you [​IMG]

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    Here is a link to the purina site...I trust them and if you pan down, you see the exact nutritional content...give you some idea of what to look for.


    How many chickens do you have? If you only have one laying, and several who are not...I would not start layer feed, unless you can isolate and feed her alone.
    You can continue on what starter/grower you have been using and offer oyster shell on the side, she will eat it when she needs it.

    I use Nutrena and have no issues with it at all...
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    Use Flock Raiser and feed oyster shell on the side so they can pick them when they need it.

    I love Purina. Less waste, good ratio of feed consumption, less waste and less smell. Won't go back to other brands of food.

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