What could chicks be dying from?


12 Years
Jul 30, 2010
NE Indiana
I have just a few chicks-----3 that hatched from my own eggs, and 10 others I ordered. 2 of the ones I ordered suddenly died after I had them a few weeks (around 7 weeks old). I didn't see any symptoms in them at all. A third from this group, looks smaller than the rest, it's eyes are seemingly stuck shut (no pus or drainage of any kind), and it's crop is pretty big and sems mushy. All the other chicks seem fine----eating, drinking and acting normally. The sick chick does eat and drink, in spite of the fact that it can't see---I've tried wetting it's eyes and gently opening them, but it doesn't help much. Any idea on what could be going on?
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Wow, I don't know what that could be. I've never experienced sick chicks, only adults. I have a blind parrot who is missing a foot that gets around to eat and drink on her own. Perhaps your chick can smell the food and water and is able to find it. Were the eyes always closed, or did this just happen ? My blind hen's eyes are open, but she cannot see. Maybe there is some help for you on the chick forum. I hope things get better.
The eyes are closed, and the one that I think is just starting to show signs of being sick did have a little tiny bit of white discharge----but just a speck. The other one didn't seem to have any, and I can't figure out why it's eyes are even stuck shut.

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