what could have happened ?


8 Years
Sep 27, 2011
Meriden ct
i have 2 female coturnix quail today when i went out to feed and water them on has what seems to be a bloody eye but when i looked closer her eye seemed fine but she is bleeding from her face. its weird because you cant really see a wound. they live in a rabbit hutch . the only thing in their is the sand box ( a plastic bowl), water dish, food dish, and some hay. im trying to figure out how it happened. would they fight with one another?
She was likely pecked by her pen mate right where the beak turns to feathers... This is a very tender area and is a target. Could just have been say'n "Get out of here"... If its still bleeding , blow a little corn starch on it and it will quit fast, thou it will likely stop on its own too. The risk is the blood becoming the new target... If its a white bird it's a bigger deal, shows more...good luck, Bill
I know this is going to sound like a silly question, but are you sure they are both girls?

The only reason I ask is that when the roos mount (or attempt to mount) the girls, sometimes they pull out feathers and cause some bleeding.

Another thought I had is that maybe she got scared and bonked herself and got injured that way.
from what everyone has told me on here they are both girls LOL so i am thinking they are

Females can be as mean as males and I agree with everyone that it seems as though there was an argument over something
corn starch will stop any bleeding just don't get it in the eye. I usually let the birds deal with issues rather than separating as reintroducing can be an issue and cause another injury. Good luck
Probably caused by pecking from a pen mate or injury from being frightened and hitting something in the hutch. I'd keep a closer eye on them than usual for a while...

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