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    Jan 8, 2016
    I got home yesterday and found one of the girls missing. We found her wings on one side of the coop and her bones on the other. I really do mean her bones. Poor baby had no flesh left on her, no feathers. It was just her spinal cord and legs laying there. what got my poor baby? She was picked clean. My first though was a vulture, but do they kill chickens?

  2. First off, I'm SO sorry! What an awful thing to come home and see! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I don't think vultures go after live animals and birds. They generally go for things that other animals have left behind. Do you have coyotes where you are? Loose dogs? It could be the work of a hawk as well. They will land on their prey and stay right there and eat it.

    You'll have to be careful with the rest of your flock now! Was i your girl free ranging when this happened?
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    Raccoons are known for pulling their prey apart. And they will hunt at all hours of the day, they aren't strictly nocturnal.
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    So sorry about your chicken...[​IMG]
    I left my chicken lying there on the ground while I went inside to recover from the shock and when I returned she was gone, and I wasn't gone long.
    Next morning all I found was a breast bone...later on that disappeared too. In my case, the possum found the body but wasn't the killer of my 6 hens. Since that time...most of my wildlife has disappeared also.
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    I'm betting hawk with lots of undisturbed time to fully clean carcass, mammal would have crunched/eaten bones.

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