What did my hen lay???

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    Sep 2, 2014

    My hen has been acting a bit off today. She's a bit lethargic....almost weak. She's up and moving, eating and drinking. She's moving slow and laying in weird places or standing in one spot for longer periods of time. I brought her inside, gave her an Epsom salt soak, some egg and yogurt mixed with water that has electrolytes. Her comb and wattle are good color and she doesn't seem dehydrated.....She's around two and has been great up until this past day. She laid that pretty thing just about an hour ago in the cage....ANY IDEAS???? We don't have any roosters so I can cancel out
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    It looks like she laid a lash egg,which can be a sign of salpingitis, an infection of the oviduct which can lead to egg yolk peritonitis. If you Google salpingitis, or do a search here on BYC, you will find a lot of links to read.

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