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  1. two of the school hatched chicks are red broilers and each has a leg going bad this young???

    The cockerel is worse than the pullet (if the no tail feathering till later thing works).

    I spent all day and until midnight moving fencing and boxes of chicks but noticed the two with the leg problem right off.

    My mail order came in a-okay:) 10 Gold Lace Wyandotte chicks and 10 Cornish X, picked up the school chicks while waiting (second day of waiting) for the 20 to arrive on the airplane.

    The little survivor bantam Blue Lace Red Wyandotte now has 5 Cochin Bantams to live with:) And the survivor Gold Lace Wyandotte is the youngest of the other 10 but one is about the same size.

    My DD was mad at me, three boxes of peeping sugared up chicks in her bedroom while I moved my RIR hens into an outside pen and gave the BO chicks along w/the school 6 "black" and 4 "red squirrel marked w/white polka dots" the RIR hen coop until all the coops and runs are in place.

    The neighbor who was going to get my new barn coop off the pallets the loader left it on hasn't for two days and another neighbor just gave me another home made dog pen to use for the Bantams since its all enclosed top to bottom.

    I put the red broilers in w/the Cornish X chicks even though they aren't the same age since the bigger 2 have legs going out on them. The worse one also is doing the labored breathing thing...

    Please tell me what I need to do for these 2...
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    how old are the two chicks?

    sometimes they come out crippled because the incubation temp or humidity was off.

    best thing to do is to put them out of their misery since being broilers, it'll just get worse, not better.

    sorry to not have a cure for them.

  3. Thanks Michele, they are young enough the body is still fluffy with good wing feathers. I'll have to ask the teacher today for exact age but I suspected yesterday I should have put the down. I was waiting since the one is much stronger than the other on its leg.
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