What Do I Feed A Baby Duck????


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Can baby ducks eat chick starter? I just got a baby duck and all I have is chick starter. Anybody please help.
i know baby ducks can not have medicated chick starter... my feed store gave me gamebird starter to feed them .. someone else should know though. good luck with your new duckling!
OH NO!!! I hope I havent killed him. I already gave him a little of the chick starter!!! and it is medicated!!! I hurried and took it out, even wiped the residue up with a paper towel. I hope he will be ok!!!!
A friend just brought him to me and said, Here! And I couldn't turn him away. I am raising baby chicks, but this duckling raising is all new to me.
I've always fed non-medicated chick starter/grower made by Dumor at the TSC in town,it's meant for chicks and Ducklings, and Turkeys I think too. and everyone as always done well on it
Is there anything else right now? Medicated chick starter is all I have and around here nothing is open on Sunday. And what is waterfowl food? Maybe a stupid question but I am new to raising baby ducks.

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