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11 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Hestand, KY
This first little guy looks like he is going to be a boy, but I have no idea what breed he is. I got him from TSC around April.10.2012. He was with the Bantam assortment. Any ideas? (Its the black and white one, with feathers on his feet)

And then there is this one. I haven't even begin to guess what it might be. I got it has an extra with an order from Meyer. I only got one of them. The first pick is of when I first got it, and the next pics were taken today. I got this chick at the end of March.

She's not bantam, not sure what LF means. I guess I will see whenever she lays an egg. I thought I seen a picture of a Partridge Penedesenca that the feathers look like the same, but I can't find a description of the legs being that really dark green color. I bought some EE's with this order, and as babies they all 3 had beards and muffs and a light green leg color. They didn't look like this chick as a baby. Unfortunately all 3 of my EE's didn't make it. I would love it if someone who has any Partridge Penedesencas could confirm my suspicion or give me some other direction to look into. I know she isn't a Light Brown Leghorn, because she is too big and I also have some of those within this order and their legs are yellow. I was also thinking maybe Partrigde Rock?
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