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    a cabinet incubator?

    I have an old printer cabinet that is enclosed except where the cords should run out. It has a fan near the top but if I remember correctly, it didn't work.

    I will get pictures of it tomorrow when there is daylight as the room it is in is not well lit.

    I just need to know what I need to buy to make it work. I would like a list from cheapest to best to make it work properly. I posted this somewhere else and didn't get one post but I need to know do I need to line this with foil or some of that insulation that is foil backed.

    What do I use to plug the holes? How do I get ventilation into the very bottom shelf? Will the port hole work? Where do I start?Thanks.
    [​IMG] the back with 2 port hole for wires.

    [​IMG] the left side as you face the front, with fan.

    [​IMG] the right side as you face the front.

    [​IMG] inside the top with the paper feeder hole and fan, the fan doesn't seem to work but I will mess with it more before giving up.

    [​IMG] the top with the Plexiglas open and port hole for wires and paper feeder, there are also holes in the front for ventilation.

    [​IMG] looking through the Plexiglas it is a thick heavy piece.

    [​IMG] Front of cabinet with holes in the top section.

    [​IMG]2 shelves inside the bottom part.

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